Here's a list of things you should know before getting or purchasing a template from me.

  1. All templates, commission work included, will be public use. Customers will be paying for my time, not the exclusivity of art being requested. That means your commission will appear on the gallery (but for an extra $5, I won't post it.)
  2. Terms of service can change at any time, and any body going through a service process will be informed of any new specifications.
  3. All monetary payments are taken through Paypal. TAT for each piece takes about a week or less.
  4. Fortunately, I'm really lax about my prices. Negotiate if you need to, but the price should still be agreeable between both parties.
  5. Any violations will put you on a blacklist. If you've already paid for a custom, consider it your last from me.
HeadsScratch: $10-$15, or 1k tros.
Edits: $3, or 200-500 tros.
Blink Animations: +$3
BodiesI don't do scratch bodies.
Indexing for 100 tros, period. Edits like recolors vary from 200-500

E-Mail me with your username (guild identification optional) for any concerns or requests.