I was hoping I'd keep the website free from any outside rabble, but right now I'm looking to conglomerate with other artists willing to post their work for my gallery, full credit given.

I get it: those AFK hours bear no fans or even worse— no engagements! That's a given when it comes to freelancing.

Here's your chance to join my pretend medical force!

  1. We are looking for UNIQUE artists, not just some dime a dozen editor who can only scratch highlights. If you think you make original sheets like the stuff on my website, send at least a few examples of your work.
  2. These few examples should be submissions that will be added to the gallery.
  3. Join only because you want to help out.

Easy enough right?

Official clinic staff are identified in-game @ ERA by gang database "Shrimp Zone". To apply, please contact the Doctor for details or E-mail me.


"Menu" > "Gangs" > "Search Gang Database" > Type "Shrimp Zone"