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☆ My Rhythm Heaven Completion Chart ☆

Hold, Swipe, Tap and Release. Learning that rhythm can be found not just in a piano roll on FL Studio or in a conventional studio instrument has totally improved my sense of rhythm. Trust me. Took 4 rounds to make a dent in those Maoi Doo-Wop melodies for a pitifully mediocre score.

Below is a record chart of my gameplay on Rhythm Heaven NDS (strictly for bragging rights).

Minigame Progression Part 1
Built to ScalePerfectRhythm RallySuperbLove LizardsPerfect
Glee ClubPerfectShoot Em' UpSuperbCrop StompPerfect
FillBotsSuperbBlue BirdsPerfectFreeze FrameSuperb
Fan ClubPerfectMaoi Doo-WopSuperbThe DazzlesOk
Remix 1SuperbRemix 2PerfectRemix 3Superb

Minigame Progression Part 2
Munchy MonkPerfectSplashdownPerfectSpace SoccerPerfect
DJ SchoolPerfectBig Rock FinishPerfectLockstepOK
Drummer DuelSuperbDog NinjaPerfectRockersPerfect
Love LabPerfectFrog HopSuperbKarate ManSuperb
Remix 4SuperbRemix 5PerfectRemix 6Superb

Minigame Progression Part 3
Built to Scale 2PerfectRhythm Rally 2OkMaoi Doo-Wop 2Ok
The Dazzles 2SuperbFillbots 2OkKarate Man 2Superb
Frog Hop 2SuperbBlue Birds 2SuperbGlee Club 2Ok
Fan Club 2PerfectLockstep 2Ok Space Soccer 2Superb
Remix 7Perfect Remix 8SuperbRemix 9Perfect

Minigame Progression Part 4
Shoot-'Em Up 2Ok
Splashdown 2Superb
Munchy Monk 2Perfect
Rockers 2Superb
Remix 10Superb