SF Headcanons & Light Predictions.

  1. If I were to cast for a live action Smiling Friends I'd get Rodney Dangerfield for Desmond, and Sean Astin for Pim. I'm kind of iffy on casting Bobby Lee as Charlie because I think the guy could pull it off but it would probably be bad optics if he was addressed as "yellow man" by Shrimp, who will be played by Jeff Hiller. A friend of mine suggested that Shrimp could also be portrayed by Rick Moranis, which I can definitely see. John Goodman for Pim's dad could also work, but only because of the strange resemblance between Walter and kiddie Pim's dad.
  2. Pim has 3 pet hermit crabs named Spungbert, Daphne, and Oscar.
  3. Because it hasn't really been explored what Alan and Glep do for the company in Season 1, I think that Alan probably doesn't have to go out of the office to do his job, but "makes people smile" by doing stuff that people don't want to do like handling financial cases and organizing to get it off the clients' minds and get it done. Glep is the company tech guy but rarely does the office have any computer issues.
  4. Charlie and Alan's dynamic comprises mostly of the two casually rating Reddit gore videos on a scale of 1-100.
  5. Pim and his family is part Bliblie. Glep comes from a line of wizards and was born in the Enchanted Forest.