Artist Adoptables.

I didn't think I'd ever officially talk about it anywhere on my blog, but it really peeves me that most people buy into this stupid borderline scam.

Yeah, pretty hard accusation against what is a huge bulk of artists who make a living through online means. Most artists, especially furry artists, turn to this method of quick cash to get their rent paid off on time. Artists make a quick buck, and their followers get what they came for. So, what's the harm right?

Um, so let me try to relate this to something happening now, like the rise of web 3.0. NFTs are becoming a pretty widely-known concept, circulating around larger, non-art related platforms like Youtube and Twitter. I'd even say its as much a familiar topic with the average internet user than adoptables are in a sense that your brother has seen a glimpse of an NBA player's NFT pack advert on Twitter.

I don't really care about the discussion around environmental damage more than I am invested in the tangibility or sentimentality of NFTs and art in general. I feel as though regular people who aren't enticed by immense price tags or the appeal of furry art are the first to recognize what makes NFTs and adoptables ridiculous in the first place by asking this: why would you buy this piece of artwork? If it really is about the art, what sort of sentimental value drew you to buy this piece of artwork?

Most people are incentivized to buy art from artists for all sorts of sentimental groundings; you can get art of your beloved family dog, or get a piece of work done for an existing original character. These are some valid ways for artists to make money that I have no opposition to, seriously.

I don't even find design-commissions to be a guilty purchase. How I see it, it's just way more respectable for story-writers who have no background in character design to just commission an artist directly or they can even just draw their own reference sheet despite how possibly shit it could look. Adoptables just simply aren't created for a specific person, they're usually just bundles of color swap doggies. Adoptables seem to encourage alot of vapid unoriginality for a mere hundred just because all the popular artists do it.

Another thing that gets me is how adoptable value tends to be determined by how the consumer values the art's style and not the blueprint for the character itself. That's where it gets fucking iffy considering that adoptables are the exchange of a design concept, not the art itself as the basis of the transaction, you get me? You are not buying the art. But get this; you aren't buying the character either.

Some artist TOS's state that any rules broken can result in the buyer's right to a design being taken away. So ermm... I guess its not even really your character, it would still be the artist's character because they drew it first and just given you the ability to draw this concept, which can be taken away at any time. They would technically still be able to even sell it again without your knowledge if they blocked you for breaking their conditions. And what's stopping someone from just basing a new character off of an adoptable design? At that point I'd just make my own characters to avoid the legal ties of adoptables. That's the fun part of making characters anyway, right?

Artists, please just offer commissions. Please.