Anime Recommendations

My relationship with anime is just an expression of tough-love, but I can see why it seems like I don't like anime at all. To keep it balanced and respectful, here are my top picks under japanese media:

Pink for anime. Green for manga.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, a supernatural comedy. For something sharp and high-speed as Saiki, you can actually turn your mind off since each episode has its own whacky conflict pertaining to the protag's giga-telepathy. The humor reflects faithfully to the manga, with 0% filler and snarky commentary at the minute's brim. The series is basically an expansion on what it's actually like to be a psychic who can do almost everything and the obstacles of it. You definitely should not take it seriously; the entire character roster are literal personified anime tropes (which makes for great remarks and hijinks.) It makes up for its low-budget art and animation..
I Am a Hero, an apocalyptic horror manga. Most zombie outbreak stories are kinda weak since when you jump into the story, you jump in knowing that it's about a zombie outbreak. It leaves space for a gimmick of some sort in order to keep an audience invested, especially one that doesn't have a fondness for this type of media (like me.) I think the one zombie movie that I liked is Shaun of the Dead, and that's a comedy, which you really shouldn't take seriously to begin with. I Am A Hero (transliterated Jap→Eng) starts off slow in the beginning before jumping to the zombies to introduce its own unique gimmick. Hideo Suzuki, and his mental disorder. There's several simultaneously funny and intense moments where he acts politely to the zombies, and a pattern of Hideo prioritizing the law and gun safety over a zombie's teeth an inch from digging his shoulder out and there's not an officer in sight. There's also a lot of NEET representation to cover the question "Now, how would a hermit react to a zombie outbreak?" Fun read. I own 3 of the volumes.
Dorohedoro, an experimental CG action(?) comedy. I tried to recommend this anime to a fellow club member asking, but he got turned off when the best I could summarize is that it's "about a resident in the Hole who gets his head turned into a lizard and seek out for the perpetrator." The story's full of weird plots and subplots like this. The thing is that nobody's a good person in any of the plot(s), so anything could happen in a snap like a messy 40 second scene of hammer bludgeonings. That also means the antagonists are consistent and aren't laughably Kitsch anime villains. It gets confusing if you can't keep up with the rules of what the Hole is and the limits of sorcery, so save it for a night with some friends, I guess.
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased), a thriller mystery. Something that I can finally take seriously. Since it's a thriller, I'll just keep the summary short. MC at 24 years of living can involuntarily travel through time, which these periods usually take a few hours or minutes back into the past. These loops only stop once he solves a danger that affects his life, or is in his power to change. In one instance, he travels all the way to his grade-school years.