Artificial Intelligence Replacing Artists

There's no point in asking if it'll happen, for it's a matter of when.

Well, kind of. The only reason you should be afraid of AI is if you work under a hierarchy, ergo a corporation or company. Grillers behind the counter and factory assemblers lack variety in their lines of work and aren't their product's attraction, which makes them much more expendable. But artists don't do the same thing as each other, you look for freelancers if you want better artwork. Freelancing is a little more recognized as the norm for artists so it's safe to say that it won't be changing anytime soon and that you as an artist will maintain your niche, your repeat customers, and your career's environment.

AI could definitely be a great tool for the idea department. It may even be its own branch in terms of creative tools (I've seen people compare the latest phenomenon of AI generation with vocal synths like Vocaloid.)

I don't think the AI is the problem. The algorithms learn in the same way that we learn, just quicker than the years of experience it takes for us humans to develop. All artists do this; recognize a taste for art styles they like, take chunks of the styles they want to incorporate into their own works, then build on it. They call it "to steal like an artist." If AI isn't the problem, I think the only conclusion I can draw is that our cultures are too underdeveloped for the technology we use.

We've [online artists] had ownership claim issues from day 1. We don't even use our signatures to mark an artwork as part of a collection, but as a way to deter people from claiming it as their own work! No, the problem is transparency, which is kind of tough to enforce online, a rapid collage pumping content that not everyone can trace its origin. It's simply a bitter truth knowing how we've become so dependent on online services for our jobs and lifestyles.

I'm not brainy enough to understand how well law and AI mix together, but I can only see it getting messy, give it 10 years. While we're at it, we shouldn't have to make our artsy buddies feel like they're inferior towards machines. What makes art art is the ability to translate our raw emotions and interests onto convenient mediums. It's very human to be able to. We also shouldn't reject new mediums. Did you know people thought that digital art wasn't real art because of its convenience? Even photography had its rounds being ran down as a fake art.

If anyone from the future is reading this, let me know if I predicted wrong.

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