• Timewasters
    • Iruka no Yume de Sayounara - Click the girl to kill her... Apparently an experimental site, taken down due to Geocities demise.
    • Page's Anime Do's and Don't's - A guideline on how to be a pleasant otaku. In order to combat the stigma against otakus, we first must address inner problems like managing our interests and how we share them.
    • Black People Love Us! - Sally and Johnny love black people as much as black people love them. Took a chuckle outta me.
  • Favorite Videos
  • Casual Youtuber Worship
    • The NewBee Reviews - A sweet quippy man. Charming movie review channel, very much recommend it.
    • SomeOrdinaryGamers - My favorite video series are the virus investigations.
    • RedLetterMedia - Movie review channel. Barf.
    • Goose Boose - Commentary channel who talks about ARG and internet creepy culture.
    • OneyPlays - I don't watch many gaming channels but this one's okay since it's technically just a bunch of guys talking to each other.
    • Web Design Museum - 500+ walkthrough videos of forgotten flash websites.
    • HÖR BERLIN - Real neat DJ platform channel. 4 gabber, acid and future funk fans.