World's Most Pathetic DVD Log

Ever since my first collection of music players, my thrifting luck has worn down— every single GoodWill and thrift store is completely barren of any mp3 or cassette player... I'm not actually that upset about it, because I actually feel much better about having just a few devices to choose to listen from everyday. It's much lighter on the mind. But of course a legacy has to continue after my shelf-stacking's genesis has ended. Lately, I've been about expanding a brand new hoard from the same harvest...

This log won't get updated too frequently. Each entry depends on how good I feel about leaving the house.

Haul from 11/7/2021: Watched Fight Club 4 times straight for the commentary extras. 5 times if you include the day I nominated it to be the next watch on the group chat Movie Night like the FC super-fan I am. I also got my hands on Shaun of the Dead and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Head.

Haul from 11/14/2021: I have never in my life watched Hetalia but I know its light ties with Homestuck through Tumblr fandomstuck. I thought it'd be funny to pick up Axis Powers as an ironic trophy of sorts. Picked up The Big Lebowski and Basic Instinct as well.

Haul from 2/20/2022: I got Tropic Thunder and Desolation of Smaug. Graphic-wise, the internet's button ratio of fan-buttons to advertisement-buttons are low. I thought about it, and I might create some more movie button graphics to drop into the pool for people to use. I already made one for Princess Bride, Big Lebowski, and especially Tropic Thunder. I did not make the Hobbit one, but here it is for convenience of free use. Please use them if you have an HP of your own :)

/LITERATURE/1/buttons/1.png /LITERATURE/1/buttons/2.jpg /LITERATURE/1/buttons/3.png /LITERATURE/1/buttons/4.jpg

Haul from 2/27/2022: I got seasons 1+2 of Dexter, which there were about 3 other of the same copies of seasons 1 on other racks. It reminds me about Sunny telling me about a time he found MOUNDS of the Jonas Brother NDS games at a Goodwill and we couldn't really decide on a theory of how they ended up there:

  1. Some poor grandmother tried ordering a Jonas Brothers DS cart online for her grandchild but knowing that most kids would want more than one game for their consoles, she accidentally bought 57 copies not knowing that they'd be the same game and felt generous enough to donate the 56 others.
  2. A strange phenomenon where several different people in the same area had the Jonas Brothers DS game, but ultimately grew tired of it and most of them donated it to Goodwill
  3. There is just one single perpetrator and the menace just really likes Jonas Brothers.

I don't really get why people buy copies of the same thing, it's just gonna collect dust. The other DVD I bought was 25th Hour. After looking through all of the movie shelves, I figured someone over the week parted with a stash of Michael Moore paraphernalia in both the DVD and book section because my mom also found "Stupid White Men."