Chat, Guestbook, and E-mail Contact

  1. E-mail allows readers to write to me in privacy.
  2. The guestbook (hosted by 123guestbook.com) lets people commentate on my blogposts and read other people's opinions. Its heavily moderated and only I can reply to anything publicly, which is great for circlejerking.
  3. The live chat is for real-time informal discussions and anyone can join in. It's really just a public instant messenger (hosted by Cbox.ws). Don't know what to talk about? Ask me about what I'm working on or my recent shopping hauls.

Live Chat Rules

  1. No depictions of children under 18 and no pornography of any kind.
  2. No website promotions. Advertisements create spam and drown out actual content and discussion. This only applies to personal websites, so make sure any outgoing links you share are on topic.

    Advertising: "I love your website! What do you think of mine? [link]"

    Sharing: "You like dogs, right? There's a whole page dedicated to the borzoi breed and I thought you might be interested. [link]"

  3. No website development questions. Just E-Mail me about it instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before E-Mailing me, please read below to make sure that your question was already answered.

"Do you have a button available? Can we do a button exchange?"

Fat decline. If you aren't an affie on the frontpage wall, then I do not want you associated with the site. Go network somewhere else.

"Will you write about X piece of media?"

I will only publish things when I feel the piece of media is worth reviewing, otherwise

  1. I will not write about a piece of media I don't care about.
  2. I will not write about a piece of media in attempt to participate in echochambers or essential media.

Feel free to rephrase when writing an E-Mail, like "What do you think about this series?" or "I thought your criticism of X was totally constructive. Would you consider watching Y?"