Frequently Asked Questions

Below are statements to address some things about the website/author.

Note: I will ignore the following one-offs if sent:

  1. Site promotions. For example:"Hey! I love your site! What do you think of mine?"
  2. Development questions. I can't help you with your art, your music, your site, your whatever. Sorry. Use right-click+"inspect".

Before contacting, please read below to make sure that your question can be answered via this entry.

"Do you actually like anime?"


"Do you have a button available? Can we do a button exchange?"

Fat decline. If you aren't an affie on the frontpage wall, then I do not want you associated with the site. Go network somewhere else.

"Will you write about X piece of media?"

I will only publish things when I feel the piece of media is worth reviewing, otherwise

  1. I will not write about a piece of media I don't care about.
  2. I will not write about a piece of media in attempt to participate in echochambers or essential media.

Feel free to rephrase when writing an E-Mail, like "What do you think about this series?" or "I thought your criticism of X was totally constructive. Would you consider watching Y?"

"Can I send fanart?"

Yes. If you want to portray me in some way, please use the image of Bebichhichi or KK Slider from Animal Crossing. They are my favorites.