Music Peeves: Coining "Core" Genres.

don’t get me wrong this doesn’t, like, completely ruin relationships nor has it ever killed my dog or whatever, but i get really really annoyed when people describe a music genre as ____core. the speedcore and breakcore categories gets a pass since:

  1. the “speed” part of speedcore at least refers to a musical concrete foundation (BPM) of its group even though its a broad as hell genre. same applies for breakcore, where the “break” part is in reference to audio chops.
  2. by “musical concrete foundation,” i mean AT LEAST IT IS MUSICAL and isn’t just some random fucking noun smashed with “core” or a visual aesthetic.

to preface, yeah. i know that there are billions of genres that are derivatives of another genre and that someone’s always making them up. i don’t care about the validity of “weirdcore” or “dreamcore” as a music genre. i’m even iffy about the “hardcore” or “hardstyle” pipelines since they’re defined by BPM, but are essentially made up of the same synth and bassline patterns and the speed isn’t that drastic of a change. trust me.

but what would weirdcore even have that shoegaze or jungle doesn’t have? i’m just saying that some of the music sections on spacehey’s userbase are really lame and actually tells me “i get my tastes from a tiktok audio playlist” rather than “i actually have a grounded ear for specific patterns and i know what i like.”