Reject Blockchains / Embrace HTML Mosaics.

Table art is a (fairly old) graphic design technique done with HTML table containers by assigning inline background colors to each <td> wrapper. I think there's definitely an easier way to do this using CSS, but pure HTML code barely dents its own file size either way I do it so who cares.

Table art is a cool skill to learn if you have prior HTML knowledge, save for its daunting line counts. You can recreate pixel sprites from your favorite games in your free time, immortalize pieces for your friends and strangers to see on the internet, or all at the same time. I learned how to do it through the infamous(?) "Sweaty Reisen HTML art" internet meme.

HTML Mosaics That I Made

All my mosaics are public use. I warn you, do not try to copy+paste the code onto your websites or use it as profile decoration because the code is hellishly long. I also take commissions for HTML mosaics. Just E-mail me for information or see my prices.

Lugia from Pokemon Black & White © Nintendo (Time: 8 hours)

Open .HTML file

Fight against crypto and make silly table art of video game characters for the public to enjoy, just as the internet was intended for.