Sort of Collecting Obsolete Electronics

I kinda didn't really understand the appeal of collecting for several reasons. It sort of has something to do with me being shut-in frequently, because I like the idea of collecting things when it's convenient (especially to my wallet.)

I'm a practical hoarder. I have a good share of messes, but my walls have no posters or decorations because I know I'm eventually gonna move out, and I don't even have to worry about a pretty room since nobody visits me. My floors are completely cleared out and I leave my things on the bed or dresser. I don't want to have to squat over to pick up things from the floor and I don't really feel comfortable dumping clothes that are good for another day on the same carpet that absorbs all my foot sweats.

Another thing is that it's sort of hard to feel accomplished or happy just because I ordered online just to get my hands on something, because what's there to be proud of? Wow, I spent a fat fraction of my allowance on an anime figurine that will do nothing but sit and look pretty on my dresser, right next to easy-reach underwear and preserved beetle cases. I guess the beetle cases also fit the same circumstances that anime figurines do for being pretty much useless, but it's fine because at least I find shit like that at flea markets and Goodwill. There really isn't any adventure in just searching up for stuff on the internet since anyone could do that.

Even though there's alot of factors into why I'm not an extreme collector and don't really go out of my way to look for a specific category of junk... wait, I LIKE collecting physical music players? I've gotten my hands on some pretty neat relics of the past: two cassette players (TCM-465V Sony, and an RQ-E20V Parasonic) along with an offbrand mp3 player that said looked like hospital equipment (it does, and I like that it does.)

TCM-465V Sony. RQ-E20V Parasonic. Muvo MP3 Player.
Very few, but full of character!

Holy shit. Collecting MUSIC PLAYERS was perfect. They're chunky, fun to play with, and I don't have to bother with subscriptions, streaming service ads, or my phone running out of power midday. A neat idea I had was that I can organize players by music genres (D&B on the cassettes, and happy hardcore for the mp3 player.) so there's a use for my personal collection so that it doesn't just gather dust in my closet, along with a reason to go outside. I've also sort of taken a liking to collecting LCD games (specifically Radica brand.) I'll definitely update this entry with the rest of my findings in the future.