Public Broadcasting

inb4 "then just stay home if you want privacy"

/r/PublicFreakouts is one of the most depressing and antisocial places I've ever visited online, and is what citizen based surveillance would look like if it was ran by school fight historians. Of all the wars and genocides, I think this subreddit would be a dystopia's magnum opus if ever to be proven we were living in the worst timeline because of how bizarre and slow burn its destruction is. How modern, for man to be so devoured by media consumption that he adopts policing for nothing but digital peanuts.

Public meltdown footage is already malicious by default. It's the exact piece of online proof I have that we resulted to treating uninteresting humans synonymously with TV celebrity exposés, except TV producers are required at some degree to respect anonymity by request. People recording meltdown footage never ignore or walk away or deescalate in some form, but instead shaming anyone who, god forbid, inconveniences them by having a mental episode that can't be controlled. It's because dumbshit chronically onlines making a point on Reddit is apparently above the ethics of anonymity. Then American comment section NPCs having the nerve to say "If you're in public, you shouldn't have the expectation of privacy" is so morally lost and obtuse on purpose.

Some other format trends that never fail to terrorize me are

  1. Sharenting. How would you feel if your entire childhood was documented on one public website?
  2. Residential doorbell footage. This terrifies me because nobody will be able to walk their street without scrutiny. Sometimes you don't even have to do anything but approach private property and you'd never know why or if they would post your likeness online, and worst of all they unknowingly are identifying the street in which the person lives around.
  3. Videos helping homeless people. You don't look good doing charity work for upvotes, you look performative and vain for objectifying the homeless.

I think everyone takes the internet too seriously. We are so enveloped in the web that we essentially started calling cringe compilations a "right to record for self-defense," or a form of "awareness" to justify weaponizing the opinion of online anons against a stranger that dared interrupt shopping time. We do not need to use the internet as a source of real life news. Anyone with more than half a brain would fucking get over themself and call it as it is: a form of internet abuse and a lack of dignity.

Online accessibility will never be decent. It's impossible to be human in peace anymore.