Shane, Champion of SV Bachelors, Is Good As He Is.

In Stardew Valley, you can marry a selection of the NPCs as a player and essentially turn them into mobile decorations. While originally not included, Shane became one of the new available contenders in the 2016 update.

Shane is an alcoholic.

Cranky, and makes it known if you try to talk to him. Don't let that discourage you though, because it's possible to befriend him and you'll figure a few encounters in that he's actually just a lost man. A lost man, with only the comforts of a pint from the town saloon to wash away his evergrowing stalagmites of pressure and smallness. This route is just AGREEABLY one of the most emotional heart-event collections of all of Stardew.

To my surprise, more than a few reddit and forum peoples bear disappointment with Shane's mental footing after getting hitched. Most of the complaints are along the lines of "It feels like he doesn't improve at all even after the six heart event," and "He made a promise to stop drinking but then still goes to the saloon on weekdays."

Covering the most common quibble first and foremost about Shane: his slobby drunkard room with the spilt cans. I only have Stardew Valley on the Switch so I can't mod out anything like other people can even if I wanted to.

I'm not going to bring up that "it's just Joja Cola," like he insists the drinks are from time to time. Let's say he does keep drinking and that those are still beer cans.

It's about time we killed this common trope of there always being a fix for mental disability in media. It's frankly sad that people will give up on a recovering addict just because they failed their first try. The way people treat Shane is almost completely reflective of this. Of course, only the fool's understanding of Shane's problem is "Well, he should be happier after moving onto the farm, but doesn't seem to get better."

Shane is actually developing way more than he's given credit for. He's gone from drinking every day after work to drinking only a couple days a week, and he's monitored himself with stability from passing out face flat on the ground as far as we know. The man's just trying to get by his pressures with what he has!

My favorite moments is when he says “I may keep to myself a lot, and I may seem unhappy sometimes... but I do appreciate all the work you do. I'm a lucky guy.” Do you know how much value that statement is coming from someone so introverted?

Also... I propose a solution regarding his reaction to being gifted beer: Just stop gifting him beer and get him a hot pepper or a pizza. It's just as immersive to help him through with his journey by not giving him beer.