Lightning Round "Things I Hate."

Other people fidgeting.:

You know those benches that are connected to each other in restaurants? I hate when other people hit their backs against the booth chairs or when someone's tapping their feet on the platforms. I can feel it and it bugs the hell out of me.

Long Nails.:

The most incredibly annoying bodily function. I cut my nails down frequently because any gunk in my nail beds make me uncomfortable to an extreme degree. I'm surprised I haven't listed this first.

MBTI fans.:

It was a cute dorky game for when you watched a new TV series, but now it's just pissing me off on par with astrology moids. Someone I dated was into MBTI stuff and took it seriously. They used Personality Database like the fucking Bible and was quick to hate anyone who they deemed an INFP. Lol. Please get these people another fucking hobby.

Wireless Earbuds/Headphones:

They're more work than it's worth and sound like shit. I think it's more reassuring to have the wires... At least then, I know I won't accidentally assblast my entire classroom with my embarassing music tastes just because I put faith in Steve Jobs's Fuji-powered assplugs.

Hyper-conservative American anti-feminist dudebros.:

I don't think they know that they'll never get invited to parties if they keep trying to debunk everything beyond their mental capacity because they're so loyally cynical. I don't know. You would think people grew out of that phase in middle school.

As for the hyper-conservative American anti-feminist dudebros posing as CENTRISTS... they're also just as annoying, but just spineless as fuck ww.

Tim Burton Movies.:

I get that his style used to be unique and all with the pop cultural relevance of Jack Skellington and scene girl hoodies, but I'm tired of seeing the same plotline with Johnny Depp and Helena Carter in every cast-picking. I'm tired of pretending they're good. They're all what I would expect.

My school experience.:

From the staff to my peers. Everytime I get caught outside the cafeteria premises during the half hour you make eye to eye with the oinker stuffing his face with cardboard pizza I feel... let's leave it at "I feel violent." I even formed routes and routines on how to avoid the APs over the years so that I could get my personal errands done with no delay. Don't even get me started with the people! I used to be everyone's "someone" that would wave to you in the halls, but now I'm pretty sure I have a reservation on the Nerd Club's hitlist. Whatever. They all had bad tastes in anime.

"Dr." Phil.:

A dishonest POS who picks fights with vulnerable people just to get off on it. What a corporate cunt! This egghead who doesn't even have a PHD sure loves to pose and promenade his lawgicalness to juxtapose his showmeat. What else can you expect from TV talk shows that use real people's real lives? Refer to Shelley Duvall.

Chicken Alfredo.:

I can't stand eating any sort of pasta with chicken alfredo sauce on it now. I spent an entire day vomiting after eating half a tin of chicken alfredo. I forgot that I actually ordered the pasta 2 days ago and it expired in the microwave I left it in, but it's not my fault for having bad memory!