General Commission Information

  1. Customers will be paying for my time, not the exclusivity of the art being requested (though privacy is a separate issue and will be given if authorized). All spritesheets are public use, but for an extra $5 I won't post it.
  2. Do not print my work for profit. Commissioners may use their purchases for personal objects like t-shirts and stickers so long as it's not commercial.
  3. Terms of service can change at any time, and anybody going through service process will be informed of any new specifications.
  4. All monetary payments (USD) are taken through Paypal. TAT for each piece may take 30 days or less.
  5. Fortunately, I'm really lax about my prices. Negotiate if you need to, but the price should still be agreeable between both parties.
  6. Any violations will put you on a public blacklist. If you've already paid for a customized spritesheet or artwork, consider it your last from me.

I specialize in character design, humanoids, mammal anthros/regular animals, and NSFW violence involving guns. My best compositions are sticker or charm designs.

I sometimes make exceptions for vehicles/machinery, other types of anthropomorphics, incredibly light raunchy subjects, and comic-style scenarios for existing franchises. I can also make a mean CD cover.

I decline reference sheets, real people, and anything pornographic or NSFW in that nature. Not too into that stuff. Vehemently against child abuse depictions to the point that asking for it will result in a private blacklist position.

Before you order...

  1. I take full payments after the artwork is finished.
  2. If after the general deadline (30 days) I don't respond, please be patient with me and ask for an update as I may be undergoing IRL changes.
  3. I am a character artist! Please play into my strengths because I may decline if the request is out of my abilities or crosses the red zones. Don't feel too bad about it, I won't tell anyone.
  4. Have a reference sheet at the ready. I'm not doing character design from scratch.
  5. It helps to tell me what you are using the design or art for during the composition stage.

Price Guide!

Regarding character illustrations...

Lineart is $10 Bust, $20 Fullbody.
Flat color is $30 for both busts and fullbodies.
Full rendering is $40 to $100 max (depending on complexity.)

Cutoffs, backgrounds, and extra characters will determine the cost.

Regarding Icons/Closeups...

Lineart and Flats are $10 each. Full renders for $20.

I do offer comic scenarios and unrendered sketch sheets, but only for existing franchises and IP. Sketch sheets are mixed bags for $15 each so if you want to see a character in my style, it would work in your favor to pick a character I know for an abudance of turnarounds and expressions in their likeness. If not, you might just get 2 or 3 drawings.

Graal Spritesheet Specifics

HeadsScratch: $15-$20, or 1k tros.
Edits: $3, or 100-500 tros.
Blink Animations: +$3
BodiesI don't do scratch bodies.
Indexing for 100 tros, period. Edits like recolors vary from 200-500

E-Mail or PM me with your username (guild identification optional) for any concerns or requests.

Everybody is entitled these graphics for use or editing. No reseller or NFT/blockchain is invited to claim any resources on site.

Short Artist FAQ

What tools? Clip Studio Paint and Gimp. Wacom Tablet, DTZ-1200W LCD.

Is there anywhere else that you post your artwork? No.

Can I use your existing artwork as a profile picture or graphic? Applies to fanarts only. My personal characters are off-limits.

Your prices are too pricey! If you don't like them, do the art yourself. I even listed the tools I use above.